Stop the Bleed: Compression

Between tornado and hurricane season, wildfires and earthquakes, a natural disaster can cause life-threatening bleeding injuries. Our Stop the Bleed series continues with a demonstration of how to compress wounds without a tourniquet. Learn how to save someone’s life in 2 minutes then SHARE this video on your social media channels so others can Be Prepared […]

Stop the Bleed: Head Injury

You’re driving down the highway and it happens – a wreck a few cars ahead of yours. When you pull over, you see one of the drivers hit his head and is bleeding. It will likely be several minutes before the paramedics arrive – do you know how to help Stop The Bleed? Learn how in […]

Stop The Bleed: Calling 911

Our mantra at Broaddus Defense is Be The One, as in be the one to make a positive impact in a negative situation. You don’t have to be a medical professional to save someone’s life, especially if they’re bleeding. Since May is National Stop The Bleed Month, we wanted to take a minute to remind everyone how important it is […]

Firefighters in Los Angeles

Firefighters are not normal people. When everyone is running away, firefighters are running into the inferno. While most people are not particularly interested in the science of fire, firefighters devote hours to understanding combustibles, fire dynamics, and flash points. The thought of living and sleeping at the office because your shifts are so long and grueling puts most people off, but […]

National Police Appreciation Week

National Police Appreciation Week

The Thin Blue Line  Perhaps you’ve seen the Thin Blue Line graphic somewhere – the back of a car, on a flag, maybe an article of clothing – but have you stopped to think about what it actually means? Sure, it’s a symbol of general law enforcement support but the actual thin blue line.  In May 2019, the Bureau […]

Nurse Appreciation Day

nurse appreciation day

At Broaddus Defense, we exist to protect the innocent. This is an ethos shared by our favorite type of workers – our nurses.  Nurses have finally been getting some of the recognition they deserve but, unfortunately, it took the COVID-19 pandemic for them to get recognized. It’s National Nurse Appreciation Week, so we thought it’s time […]

Stop the Bleed: Tourniquets

Our Communications Director, Ashley McCully, is the wife of a Marine, sister of a police officer, daughter of a doctor, and mom – she’s pretty tough, which is why we were surprised when she almost got sick after watching the blood loss video we show to our medical professional students. It became clear that we […]

Military Lessons for the Civilian World

It should come as no surprise that we tend to place a premium on military experience in our people at Broaddus Defense. But we do not simply take pride in hiring veterans – it is a strategic choice that gives the company and its clients a strong advantage. Of course, as veterans ourselves, we share […]