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Our firm has been engaged in security assessments, crisis/emergency management, and critical response training for schools all across the country for more than a decade. The professionals at Broaddus Defense are well-trained and highly experienced in the realm of safety and security assessments across a broad spectrum of educational institutions, and in particular K-12 education. Prior to joining Broaddus Defense, Jeff was a Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service, performing a full spectrum of duties to accomplish that agency’s protective mission. This included performing site security plans which involved terrorism, physical security, fire and life safety, mechanical, and environmental issues. An important aspect to his duties was his role as a criminal investigator, gaining valuable experience related to how criminals and terrorists carry out their actions. 

Our security professionals focus on realistic, productive security assessments and critical incident response training as it relates to making your students, faculty, and staff safer. We do not engage in “security theater” or any other measure which exists only for appearances. We assume the very worst, every day, and are dedicated to stopping it – each and every day. This sort of methodology can only come from trained and experienced professionals. At Broaddus Defense, we only retain security professionals with vast experience that comes from combat veterans of the military, law enforcement professionals with street experience with violent criminals, and emergency medical practitioners who have saved lives with their interventions under stress. Certifications and classroom training are great for learning, but nothing can replace this real-world experience when it comes to the realities of detecting and stopping threats in order to protect the innocent. 

We stand ready to assist your organization with the following topics:


  • Needs Assessment 
  • Existing Team Audit & Evaluation 
  • New Team Development & Support 
  • Policy Review 
  • Climate Surveys 
  • Critical Response Training 
  • Basic Threat Assessment Training 
  • Advanced Threat Assessment Training 
  • General Awareness Training 
  • Basic Medical/Wound Care Training 
  • Create student/staff focus groups in an effort to gauge current levels of comfort with the current policies/procedures, and have a metric to compare the levels after our training and audits
  • Support key stakeholders in revising or developing policies and procedures that enhance the district and the surrounding community

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