Maritime Active Shooter

The curriculum delivered during the Maritime Active Shooter Response course covers the topics identified below. These are the minimum training requirements necessary to prepare LE personnel for Active Shooter/Active Threat scenarios. These topics generally represent the key areas for an successful Active Shooter response.

·       Initial response to an active threat in a maritime environment

·       Handling suspects with visible weapons

·       Rapid response tactics in the maritime environment

·       Door entry and room clearing

·       Active threat considerations in the maritime environment

·       Clear and cover danger areas on land and vessels

·       Safe weapons handling for tactical operations both land based and maritime

·       Contact and Cover techniques for tactical applications

·       Tactical use of cover and concealment both land based and maritime

·       Coordination of contact teams in the maritime environment

·       Non-traditional response techniques to save lives land based and maritime

·       Proper body movement techniques in tactical applications in the maritime environment

·       Search and rescue teams in the maritime environment

The course includes practical exercises to apply tactics, techniques, and procedures in a given maritime scenario. At least two scenarios must simulate a situation that could occur in a shipboard environment. The courses will not only be able to broadly address the above 13 topics, but also deliver them in a train-the-trainer format where students will be able to deliver the training to others upon completion of the course.

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