National Police Appreciation Week

The Thin Blue Line 

Perhaps you’ve seen the Thin Blue Line graphic somewhere – the back of a car, on a flag, maybe an article of clothing – but have you stopped to think about what it actually means? Sure, it’s a symbol of general law enforcement support but the actual thin blue line. 

In May 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated there were 665,280 law enforcement officers in the United States. There are roughly 328 MILLION people in this country. That is nearly 1 officer per 500 people. Imagine trying to protect 500 people at the same time.  

You are protecting them from someone else or from themselves. You are listening to complaints and rumors, trying to assuage people’s fears and concerns. You are responsible for keeping order, enforcing the laws, and knowing every crack and crevice in your community. You might have to physically run after someone. You might have to break up a fight. You might have to take a bullet. All in the name of protecting people, most of whom you will never meet. 

That is the thin blue line. A select few Americans who have heard the call to public service and choose, every day, to put on a badge and stand between the public and the criminals.  

This is National Police Appreciation Week. Everyone here at Broaddus Defense supports law enforcement, whether it’s local, state, or federal. We understand what it takes to protect the innocent and are incredibly grateful for the men and women (and their families) who bear the burden of protecting society.  

The next time you see a thin blue line, consider the true meaning and remember the husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who stand between you and chaos. 

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