nurse appreciation day

At Broaddus Defense, we exist to protect the innocent. This is an ethos shared by our favorite type of workers – our nurses. 

Nurses have finally been getting some of the recognition they deserve but, unfortunately, it took the COVID-19 pandemic for them to get recognized. It’s National Nurse Appreciation Week, so we thought it’s time to brighten the spotlight on the amazing work of these medical professionals. 

They Walk the Line 

Nurses are able to balance the art of care and nurturing with the science of medicine. Yes, they take patients’ vital signs, but they also bring warm blankets. They oversee a patient’s plan of care one minute and soothe a scared child the next. So many of the most uncertain moments in our lives involve a nurse and, while we may remember how much something hurt or filled us with fear, we also remember the smiles, reassurances, and gestures so freely given by our nurses. 

They are Committed to Excellence 

Nurses work long and hard to earn their degrees, but it doesn’t end with a walk across the graduation stage. Thousands of hours are spent every year by nurses to continue their education, making sure their patients have the highest level of care they can offer. It takes a lot to stay on top of medical advances, technology evolution, and legal requirements but nurses gladly shoulder the burden because there is nothing else, they would rather do than care for others. 

They Put Others First 

It may be surprising for people to learn that nurses across all specialties have put aside their regular duties to put themselves on the front lines in the fight against the Covid-19. Pediatric nurses have treated elderly patients on ventilators. Family practice nurses have taken over emergency department triage duties. Nurses enjoying their retirement scrubbed in to help alleviate the spike in demand for medical treatment. 

We owe so much to our nurses. During this special week set aside for them, we hope you’ll take a moment to thank a nurse, whether they have had a direct impact on your life or not. No matter when or where you find yourself, a nurse is always a fantastic person to have on your side. 

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