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Acts of terrorism and shootings in public places have become an unfortunate reality in modern society. As a result, many organizations are taking proactive measures to prepare for these incidents by developing and implementing active shooter response plans, as well as training staff to react with decisiveness. Our firm will provide this training, which includes instruction on Best Practices in threat prevention and recognition, active attacker response, and emergency medical care. Training will be tailored to meet the specific needs of managers, team members, facilities and maintenance staff, and others responsible for decision-making during an incident. This training includes the following topics dedicated to the individual and collective safety of your team and facilities. 


  • Overview of active shooter events including background, trends, & methodologies
  • Situational awareness and the color codes of awareness
  • The cycle of human decision-making under stress
  • Mindset & critical incident decision-making
  • The Avoid, Deny, & Defend (ADD) process
  • Prioritized staff response model with facility-specific response considerations for the client
  • Emergency Casualty Care including the basics of triage/wound assessment & life-saving care for traumatic injuries
  • Exercises to test the response to an active shooter incident 

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