First Responder Breaching Train-the-Trainer

First Responder Breaching Train-the-Trainer

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Time: (40 hours/5 day)

Class Size: 30 students

Description: This hands-on, dynamic course is designed to aid the first responder in approaching and breaching into a crisis site using traditional and non-traditional methods. The course covers the use of both manual, ballistic and window breaching tools to gain entry into a structure under extreme exigent circumstances that demand immediate entry to save and protect innocent lives.

The train-the-trainer course includes the complete delivery of the First Responder Breaching course as well as instructional techniques and methodology for delivering the course, safety protocols and procedures, graded participant teach-backs, remediation, course critiques, and evaluations. Participants are provided with all lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, student manuals, and related courseware so that they are immediately prepared to deliver the First Responder Breaching course at their home agency.


(40 hours/5 days)

Class Size:

Minimum of 12 and max of 20 students per class, from multiple agencies


This dynamic course of instruction is designed to provide the solo officer (off-duty/plain clothes /uniform) with the knowledge, physical skills, and mind set on how to isolate, distract, or neutralize an armed threat like an active shooter.

This course will cover reasons to carry for off-duty and plain clothes officers, levels of intervention, deadly force policies and case studies, ergonomic considerations for plain clothes carry, options for mitigating the occurrence of blue on blue shootings, concepts and principles of solo officer movement, threshold evaluation, setting up for and room entry techniques, post engagement priorities of work, and incident management.

Day one includes live fire training and day two culminates with dynamic force on force scenarios.