Military Lessons for the Civilian World

It should come as no surprise that we tend to place a premium on military experience in our people at Broaddus Defense. But we do not simply take pride in hiring veterans - it is a strategic choice that gives the company and its clients a strong advantage. Of course, as veterans ourselves, we share an ethos, a culture and even a language – and there is comfort in that – but there is far more to it. Good military training usually has three characteristics in the execution of its exercises: relevance, realism, and repetition. By keeping these items front of mind, the United States produces exceptionally capable warriors.


Is Broaddus Defense training relevant? When it comes to preparing for an active attacker situation, absolutely. We can all agree these events happen far too often and too many lives are lost too soon. It only makes sense to be as ready as we can to not only respond to a situation where crowds of innocent people are targeted, but to also work toward limiting the amount of damage done.


Is Broaddus Defense training realistic? It is – but not just with loud noises and yelling, which can be found a lot of places in the training industry.  As a testament to our partnership with the ALERRT program, our training scenarios are research-based, focusing on the most likely threats, based on actual events and outcomes. We train our clients to never quit, and to mentally prevail in a way that empowers those involved to make better decisions in a time of chaos and need.


Why does Broaddus Defense insist on repetitions? Have you ever been so nervous your hands feel like they’ve grown twice the normal size and your legs are just made of lead? Have you ever been scared or angry enough to even become dizzy? Adrenaline and other stress-induced hormones can do strange things to our bodies. Stress responses work both for us and against us. We can be stronger, more aggressive, and even bleed less when injured. But without mental and physical preparation, that same physiology can slow down rational thought and delay our reactions. Just look at police officers running toward danger or soldiers in combat: they still know how to keep their cool and do the job that needs to be done. They are humans, and are afraid in those moments - but their minds and bodies have been there before. Repetition of realistic, productive training exercises equates to better performance. While doing something once or twice is helpful, Broaddus Defense knows the amount of preparation that goes into something directly affects its success. We walk side-by-side with our clients and do all we can to ensure they are ready if they ever must face their worst day.


Your Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen have spent years in their career harnessing the power of practice, and with Broaddus Defense, they are ready to bring steady hands, clear heads, and proven training methods to clients. Whether it’s helping teachers learn how to secure classrooms full of children or banking executives re-evaluate their security protocols, Broaddus Defense professionals have been there and done that for our clients and our great nation for decades. 


Broaddus Defense – We exist to protect the innocent.