Schools & HB 3

Armed Critical Response Training

The board must ensure that at least one armed security officer is present during regular school hours at each district campus.

Broaddus Defense has been a leader in Texas School Guardian Training since 2013.

We will ensure your armed security is knowledgeable, trained, and drilled to be an asset -not a liability- during a critical incident response.


Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

HB 3, SECTION 12( (B)   At least once every three years, each school district or public junior college shall conduct a safety and security audit of the district's facilities.

Broaddus Defense experts evaluate all aspects of your security program, giving priority to HB 3 criteria.

Crisis Communications Policy Development and Implementation

Broaddus Defense will develop a program for your faculty and staff that covers best practices on communication methods and style during emergencies.



    Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plans and Standard Operating Procedures

    HB 3, SECTION 12 (A)  Each school district or public junior college district shall adopt and implement a multi-hazard emergency operations plan for use in the district's facilities. The plan must address prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. 

    We have the capacity to augment your staff with best-in-class contract personnel to solve problems requiring diverse disciplines, with crisis response options to solve problems during exigent situations on an on-call basis, when they arise.