Training Facility

Our Mobile Training Team  (MTT) delivery model enables us to come to the training location of your choice, worldwide.

However, our partnership with the ALERRT Program gives us access to the outstanding ALERRT Training facility which is located adjacent to the San Marcos, TX Airport.

It is a fenced and secure facility that boasts the following resources:


  • Three dedicated climate-controlled classroom spaces, seating 25 students each, with ample expansion seating and indoor plumbing.

  • 16-position Pistol and Carbine Range with overhead cover to 25 yards and automated target systems and moveable barricades (50 yards).

  • 16-position Rifle Range (475 yards)

  • Shotgun Range (25 yards)

  • 360 Degree Live-Fire Shoot House, 2500 Sq. Ft. with catwalk (enclosed for daytime low-light simulation)

  • 540 Degree Live-Fire Shoot House, 3855 Sq. Ft. with CCTV system

  • Force-on-Force Shoot House (“SIM House”), 9000 Sq. Ft. plus rappel tower (climate controlled)

  • Breaching Bay, including 10 BTI breaching doors and replaceable window frames for mechanical, ballistic, thermal and explosive breaching.

  • Off-road and dismounted maneuver space on approximately 38 acres, ideal for training over terrain, day and night.

  • Static and mobile vehicle assets for training support and training platforms.

  • Full-service logistics capacity with onsite staff, to include range services, steel targets, weapons and equipment maintenance, warehousing, shipping and receiving.

  • Capacity for on-site secure storage of training equipment, weapons and ammunition.

  • On-site lodging for up to 24 personnel with showers, TV, washer/dryer, refrigerator, microwave, and food prep area.


Alerrt Range

Alerrt Range Shoot houses