Realistic, productive threat assessment and critical incident response training – guided by our core values of Honor, Courage, & Commitment.

Broaddus Defense brings a unique, custom, comprehensive, holistic approach to each project. This approach is based on proven best practices and will greatly benefit our clients in a variety of ways, most importantly of which is the unique, customizable aspect of our services.


Our approach to training and consultation is based on an integration of research and practice that is unmatched in the field.
Our training and consulting services employ the best practices available, and our approach has been cited as a model program for threat assessment and management services.


Most importantly, our approach is easy to understand and implement, and is designed to maximize each client’s preparation and response on their worst day. The goal of each training session is to provide participants with the information, guidance, and materials they need to evaluate, de-escalate, and manage a broad range of threatening or troubling behaviors and concerning situations. 

Participants leave our training sessions with information they can use right away.
Our course catalog is merely the baseline for training we able to provide.
Everything can be modified or we can build you a training curriculum from the ground up.


All training will integrate equipment considerations, decision-making under physical and mental stress, treatment of traumatic injuries, and crisis response communication by the first responder.


We have the unique ability to offer training at the facility of your choice or at one of our training facilities in Central Texas.


Our training facilities are all located within a short drive from a major airport and we can help assist with setting up lodging.


Below are some our custom training packages that can be offered to your organization or group,


  • Basic Pistol Skills
  • Advanced Pistol Skills
  • Basic Carbine Skills
  • Advanced Carbine Skills
  • Low Light Shooting
  • Basic Night Vision 
  • Intermediate Night Vision
  • Advanced Night Vision 
  • Precision Rifle Hunter Course
  • TCOLE Certified Basic Sniper Course
  • TCOLE Certified Intermediate Sniper Course
  • TCOLE Certified Advanced Sniper Course
  • Corporate Retreat Shooting Experience
  • Personal Protection Detail Training