About Us

Broaddus Defense exists to protect the innocent.  In the wake of a violent event, there is a common perception that the only responses to such a tragedy are related to firearms.  Broaddus Defense meets people where they are emotionally, politically, physically, and financially.  There are many viable options for protecting the innocent, some that involve firearms and some that do not.  We take a holistic approach, offering a variety of training options that include comprehensive firearms and tactical proficiency as well as awareness, de-escalation, and prevention. 
Broaddus Defense is a solutions company.  It is becoming increasingly important to be prepared and ready to respond to a violent event.  Our services are tailored to our clients’ specific needs, and we serve first responders, military members, hospital administrators, executives, educators, clergy, and more.  We are the official licensee of the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) at Texas State University.  ALERRT provides the best research-based active shooter training in the nation and is not limited to law enforcement and military personnel.  We also offer courses to private industry, K-12 schools (public and private), higher education - markets where training is needed now more than ever.
Broaddus Defense has experience.  For over 10 years, Jeff Broaddus and Broaddus Defense have provided clients with security consulting to address the growing need surrounding the preparation for and prevention of violent incidents.  The Broaddus family of companies has been in business for nearly 20 years, wielding strength and knowledge in technology, engineering, construction, project management, planning services, and consulting.  Broaddus Defense’s access to these in-house services streamlines the process for our clients and sets us apart from any other company.



Our Team




Jeff Broaddus was a Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service, where he performed a full spectrum of duties including anti-terrorism site security plans, physical security, fire and life safety, mechanical, and environmental assessments.  An important aspect to his duties was his role as a criminal investigator, gaining valuable experience related to criminal justice facilities including city and county jails, federal detention centers, courthouses, and entry control points.  Mr. Broaddus has experience in the proper handling and transport of prisoners in both federal and local law enforcement settings.  As a certified Secret Service Firearms Instructor, Mr. Broaddus gained valuable insight to an owner’s perspective of the design and use of the entire spectrum of law enforcement training facilities.  He is currently certified as a Texas Peace Officer and EMT, spending time instructing law enforcement personnel in critical incident response and the tactical employment of firearms. 

Jeff Broaddus is a combat veteran of the Marine Corps Infantry, currently serving in the Marine Corps Reserve at the rank of Major.  In this role, he has led and mentored groups of Marines at many levels, from a small staff of senior subject-matter expert instructors to a reinforced infantry company in combat.  He has also been responsible for the management, coordination, scheduling, and logistics associated with pre-operational planning for training and combat operations alike.  Mr. Broaddus holds a Bachelor of the Arts in International Studies and History from Texas A&M University.


James A. Broaddus, pH.D., P.E.
Dr. James A. Broaddus, P.E. serves as Chairman of Broaddus Defense, an owner-oriented defense solutions firm. In addition, Dr. Broaddus is the President and founder of Broaddus & Associates, an owner-oriented project and program management firm employing 120 people, with offices and projects throughout Texas, Mississippi, and in Washington, D.C. Dr. Broaddus is also chairman of Texas-based construction firm, Broaddus Construction, LLC; a planning firm, Broaddus Planning; and a major shareholder in an owner-oriented, web-based project management software, Owner InSite. Consistently ranked by Engineering News-Record in the Top 100 Program Management firms in the U.S., Broaddus & Associates has in progress or completed $11B in projects, primarily institutional in healthcare, research, higher education, government, and infrastructure. 
From 1970-1990, Dr. Broaddus served in 11 different assignments with the US Navy Civil Engineer Corps and the Seabees (the Navy’s military construction forces), which included project management responsibilities on a wide variety of major contract design and construction work. Key positions included: (1) responsibility for the $500M per year engineering and construction program in the Navy’s 11-state southern region, (2) major project planning and budgeting for the Chief of Naval Operations in the Pentagon, and (3) a unique assignment as Commanding Officer of the Presidential Retreat at Camp David, Maryland. In the Seabees, he directed a 700-man construction workforce overseas in the Pacific and Europe, accomplishing a wide variety of projects. In his 20-year Navy career he received seven personal decorations, including the Legion of Merit, retiring at the rank of Commander. 


Colton Wood

Vice President

Mr. Colton Wood serves as Vice President for Broaddus Defense, an owner-oriented defense solutions firm. As Vice President, Mr. Wood oversees all aspects of Broaddus Defense’s operations, management, budgeting, and strategic initiatives. Mr. Wood has experience in financial and strategic planning, and organizational administration, with demonstrated performance in business development and security consulting.

In addition, Mr. Wood possesses a variety of certifications and special training, including serving as a State of Texas DPS Licensed Security Consultant, Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events – Trainer, Certified Standard Response Protocol – Trainer, School Threat Assessment – Trainer, and has a Workplace Violence Prevention – Certification.