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Active Shooter Low Light Train-the-Trainer

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 (24 hours/3 days)

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 This 3-day train the trainer course is designed to provide the participant with the training concepts, techniques, and equipment considerations to increase their effectiveness and confidence while operating in low or no light conditions. The course incorporates the use of force on force drills to validate the tactics and techniques covered. Topics will center on approaching a target area, low light searching techniques, low light entry methods, armed confrontations and unarmed suspect handling.

The course also covers instructional techniques and methodology for delivering the course, force on force scenario development, safety protocols, and procedures, graded participant teach backs, graded participant led force on force scenarios, remediation, video debrief, course critiques, and evaluations.

Participants are provided with all lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, student manuals, and related courseware so they are immediately prepared to deliver a low-light training course at their home agency.